Sunday, November 27, 2005


Glam on to This

Every time the Avalanche score a goal, or the Broncos score a touchdown, they play part of the old '70s song by glam rocker Gary Glitter, Rock and Roll part 2. You've heard it. Daaa DA da da da da HEY! Da da da da. Maybe they still play it in your town for sports achievement. I have to admit that I still like the song after, what? its 1000th repetition.

Not too high about Gary Glitter though. About 8 years ago he brought his computer into the local shop for repair and there on the hard drive was a ton of child pornography. (The only child pornography I have seen were pictures a pedophile, whom Diomedes was prosecuting, took during sex with a 6 year old--they were disgusting. Diomedes put that guy in prison for a long time). Glitter did a full two months.

Now Mr. Glitter, 61, (real name Paul Francis Gadd) is being held in Viet Nam on charges he had sex with two underaged girls (one was 12). He faces at least four months in pre-charge detention and up to twelve years if convicted. I don't know, but it's beginning to look like the psychiatric help for his wanting to have sex with very young girls, which he promised to get when he got the wrist slap in England, might not have lasted. HEY!

In Canada the age of consent is 14. Hetero, homo, it doesn't matter. Someone from the US recently lured a 14 year old boy to a hotel via the internet. They charged him with something minor because the sex part was legal.

The government recently had the opportunity to raise the age of consent to 16. Defeated.

There's a move afoot lower the age to 12. It's headed by a gay ex-Parliamentarian.

It's not a healthy world.
Here in Colorado, it's OK for adults to have sex with 18 year olds but for lower than that, down to 14, you have to be within 4 years of the age of your partner. I think that's one way to protect foolish children from adult predators while still allowing them to have sex if that's what they want with more age appropriate partners.
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