Sunday, July 17, 2005


Sunday Shows

The good news is that This Week is off due to the golf coverage (Tiger leads by one near the turn--Go Tiger!) and that Brit Hume is guest host (oxymoron) of the Fox Sunday Show. Bad news--Can't we get a good Republican to come on the shows and talk? Arlen Specter. Chuck Hegel. Pat Buchanan. John McCain. Dick Lugar. What's the deal?
Specter talks about the importance of preserving that noble Senate tradition of the filibuster (last used for good, according to Specter, in 1866) Yea, noble and important. What a maroon.
Now it's Landrieu's turn to pre-judge the nomination of he or she who is to replace O'Connor. She thinks, wrongly, that the President has to consult with the Senate about who he nominates before he nominates someone.
Isn't race blindness (we don't care about your background or genes if you can do the job) better than race conscious diversity promotion (what a credit to the US it is that we have three blacks, six women and a hispanic...)? Doesn't the latter emphasize rather than diminish the ultimately meaningless outside package?
Meet the Press is apparently all Rove all the time. Mehlman is doing pretty good, in a hostile environment. Why can't Russert be tough on Democrats?
I used to think Jane Harman was OK. The leopard cannot change her spots. She points out that Plame had NOC at the same time acknowledging that she was at a desk in Langley. Isn't confirming her status at the CIA revealing classified information? I guess when Democrats leak classified information, it's OK. She says outing a desk jockey is an important national security matter. Pure partisan BS. Brit has her bobbing and ducking like a prize fighter. Her ideas for defense are along the lines of wouldn't it be nice if we could all just get along. I guess that is the current Democrat plan for homeland security--let's all be nice.
Podesta, back on Meet the Press, is going ad hominum again and again. He's lying about what President Bush said and he's going with the the Democrats' plan to making Rove quit despite the lack of established wrongdoing. It worked with Trent Lott's unfortunate remarks (wasn't even tried on Durbin--I wonder why-- oh, that's right, Durbin's a Democrat).
On Fox they're discussing Plame and showing the statute which the facts show doesn't apply. That's good. Kristol points out that there are different statutes to use. Oh no. The consensus is that if by Halloween there's no indictment, this has been a diverting teapot tempest. Right.
They've moved on to nominee speculation. I'm listening but nothing is penetrating. Now they're predicting the future. Kristol has an edge here as he has been right about this subject in the recent past. The Republicans said women, the center lefties said Gonzalez. Might be a little unconscious desire in those predictions.

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