Sunday, July 24, 2005


Sunday Show

This Week with George Stephanupagus is back on and the coveted first Q & A period belongs to that Republican stalwart, Arizona Senator John McCain. As expected, the Rove matter has new Democrat talking points--with a conviction for violation of the Identities Act becoming ever more unlikely, the indiscretion de jour is revealing classified information (supposedly Plame's job title) in violation of a non disclosure agreement Rove signed when he began working at the White House. McCain points out (poorly) that we don't know Rove learned of Plame's job title from the government (as opposed to from journalists) and Stephanupagus, always the keen lawyer, says twice that the agreement covers negligent disclosures. McCain can't follow that non-sequitur.
They showed my least favorite ex-CIA guy Larry Johnson mentioning the words 'ugly dog' as he accusedMcCain and other Republicans of cowardice. Looking at Mr. Johnson's face, it is a weird psychological co-incidence that he mentions the very words I think looking at him.
Now it's Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) taking over for the Democrat talking points. At least it was short.
Another balanced round table--three lefties versus David Gergen (better than the 5 to 0 panels Chris Matthews routinely has). "Democrats seem a little bit flummoxed" abut Justice nominee Roberts. Little bit of an understatement there. Republicans, says Linda Douglas, are worried that Roberts has said he will follow precedent re Roe v. Wade. I say, Republicans, relax, he has to follow precedent as a Circuit Court Judge but the Supremes make precedent, they don't necessarily follow it. E. J. Dionne hopes that the Judiciary Democrats (Schumer and Kennedy, etc.) can ask Roberts tough questions without looking like jerks. I'll take that bet.
Gergen quotes the famous Nixon question 'What did the President know and when did he know it?' about the Rove matter directing it at President Bush. Thanks, David. Dionne again says that the indictment for revealing CIA identities will not come.
Now instead of talking about the thousands of vets who've come back from Iraq to love, health and peace and even a desire to get back to finish the job, we get a troubled suicide. Thanks for helping the War effort with a representational case, George.
Diomedes says I shouldn't write so much, so I'll stop soon.
16 US dead last week in the War Zones. Too high, but not out of the range of the winning side's casualty rate.

Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning (7/24) may have summed it up the best by saying (not a direct quote) that if Bush new what was best that he would be loudly supporting Rove. Seeing as how Rove had watched Bush’s back and saved him numerous times now is the time for Bush not to be quiet but loudly support Rove’s innocence. After all if Rove leaves who knows what back watching will look like?
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