Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Short TV Blog

Rescue Me was pretty good. My favorite scenes were at the sensitivity class. The actor, Adam LeFevre, who ran the class is a blast from the past for me. He was great in John Sayles' Return of the Secaucus Seven but I've only seen him in commercials (as the tech bumbling dad usually) since then. His absolutely non plussed face as he listens to the firefighters react in a politically incorrect way to his film about racial sensitivity is a highlight of the series.
I have just two words for the marathon lovemaking couple complaining of friction--Astroglide Gel. Is there anyway that Laura is not going up to the apartment to check to see if Franco is really alone? I think not. And an awful lot of pill dropping going on.
On the other hand, Leary's daughter was about perfect in every scene and the soliloquy of Lt. Shea to Laura was a thing of blue collar beauty.

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