Sunday, July 10, 2005


Short TV Blog

Leave it to watching ion trails on a phosphor screen in a dark room alone to give you some insight into the human need for genuine contact. 6 Feet Under was good to great again tonight and good that it was back on Sunday night where it belongs. Tonight was a sort of a musical edition, with Claire belting out a hot number about uncomfortable panty-hose followed by a sing-along above the corpse of a song I had never heard before (so how come they all knew it?) I guess because I'm feeling a little lonely that I see in the show a constant celebration of true human contact. Nate and George's daughter connect with a pact never to lie to one another. Nate and Billy connect about their loss of a first love. Claire and her mother reconcile. Rico moves back in with his family. (I see from scenes from next week that his bliss is short lived). George and the mother, Ruth, split, on the other hand. Ruth seems less concerned that it's over or that George seems OK with it than that he figured out her clever little plan so quickly. Difficult to characterize what was going on between Claire and her aunt and Claire and the office denizens. And I'm beginning to feel that it would be better to be out talking to friends than to be home alone watching TV or even typing into a different sort of TV screen. Maybe I will.

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