Friday, July 22, 2005


Local Plame

Yesterday on Craig Silverman (without Dan Caplis) (KHOW, 630 AM, 3-7pm, weekdays) the master spy Larry Johnson returned to bitch about the Plame affair. He repeated, again, pompously that she was undercover and that she did have assignments overseas. OK, let's look at those statements. First, how does he know? He's been a retired spy for a long time and he did not recount getting in touch with her or other old spies to learn it. He just said it was true (this guy's attitude, which I admit continues to bother me, is that if he says it, it must be true because he used to work for the CIA). Second, he said that Plame took short trips to do her continued spying. We've been told by the authors of the federal statute Fitzgerald is investigating the breech of that short trips don't cut it as far as application of the statute is concerned. But finally, if what he said is true, hasn't our full of himself master spy revealed classified information?
Craig, in the genius class analysis he is capable of, complained that because of Karl Rove's conversation with Matt Cooper now some Arab could look at a photo of Valerie Plame in Vanity Fair and recognize her and her past contacts. Craig, ma' man, how did Rove's warning to Cooper about the real circumstances of Wilson's so-called investigation make Valerie Plame pose for photographs in Vanity Fair? Plame allowed the photographer and magazine to publish thousand of copies of her photo. She put it out there, not Rove. Your increasingly shrill partisanship is causing you to spout more and more false statements. Our mutual friend Dansky says you're not this liberal. How can I believe that when you're saying stuff exactly like Democrat Underground and

Why would anyone put creadence in someone that sounds like a faggot?
When the "Cats away the MOUSE will play"
Dom, no need to go ad hominum about Silverman's weird voice and yes, when Caplis is not there, it's all leftie Craig all the time. Thanks for reading me.
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