Saturday, July 16, 2005


Jonah Goldberg Knows Which End's Up

In today's post at Townhall, Jonah Goldberg shows why he remans a keen voice of reason. Money quote:

The worst assaults on London since the Blitz, and the "backlash" amounted to little more than a broken window and a man getting roughed up in a pub. One has to wonder how many more pub beatings took place that same weekend because some idiot said something unkind about Manchester United.
The scandal wasn't that there was a "backlash" against the Muslim community. It is that there wasn't more of a backlash within the Muslim community. We now know that the attackers were British born and raised Muslims. Yet there's precious little evidence that the Muslim community is eager to turn on the enemy within with any admirable enthusiasm. And there are even fewer signs that the British media has any interest in contributing to a "climate" that would encourage such a development.
This is a recipe for unmitigated disaster.

Read the whole thing.

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