Wednesday, July 13, 2005


How to Argue with a Liberal about Karl Rove

Step One: Ask them to name the current Director of the CIA. If they can't tell you Porter Goss, that's probably normal--try to get them to name the former head, George Tenant, whom they really should know. If you need to drop broad hints, or just give them the answer, do so; but it's better if they utter the name.

Step Two: After they have named someone who works or worked for the CIA, ask if they just committed a crime for outing a CIA agent. They will say no. If they don't say no, ask the reductio ad absurdum, so ever time we mention the name of the current or past Director of the CIA we've committed a crime? That should get you back on track.

Step Three: Get them to agree that the crime is revealing the identity of a spy for the CIA, a covert agent, but that it's OK to talk about regular employees not undercover. This shouldn't be that difficult even for the logic challenged.

Step Four: Ask them if they know whether Valerie Plame was covert or just a regular employee? The true answer here is we don't really know, but you can get creative. She was an analyst regarding WMD at Langley. It is necessary to have been out of the country undercover in the past five years for the statute prohibiting disclosure of her name to apply to her. Was she out of the country or at Langley in the past five years?, you could ask. Does the CIA use pregnant women or mothers generally?, you could ask. Valerie Plame has children by Joe Wilson, twins, and they got married in the 90s. Ms. Plame has lived in Washington DC area since 1997. Hard to be undercover out of the country while living in DC for the past 8 years.

Step Five: Ask, if she was undercover, then why was Valerie Plame's name in Joe Wilson's web biography prior to Novak's article naming her? Ask, if she was undercover, then why would David Corn call her by name a covert agent fo the CIA 3 days after Novak published her name and more general employment identity? Ask, if she was undercover, then why has she agreed to have her photo published in Vanity Fair, twice?

Laugh maniacally inside.

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