Thursday, July 28, 2005


Excessive Force in Iraq

Rowan Scarborough has this story at the Washington Times about the apparent lack of handguns in Iraq. The troops are apparently using machine guns and grenade launchers where a pistol would do. He cites a "secret" memo written by Brig. Gen. Joseph J. Chaves: "The memo says soldiers need precision-guided pistols, in addition to heavy-fire machine guns, to ensure that innocent people are not killed."

What the heck is a precision-guided pistol?

Oh, the general wants his troops to carry the Italian made 9 mm Beretta pistol (we call it the 92F) which is the standard issue military sidearm now. The M-9 (its Army name) which replaced the venerable 1911A2 in the 80s, is no more "precision guided" than any other pistol.
All you need to do to make it precision-guided is aim it. Don't they already carry them?

Oh, here might be the problem. The story says: "Gen. Chaves, who commands the Hawaii Army National Guard 29th Separate Infantry Brigade, said the answer was to equip soldiers with laser-guided 9 mm Beretta pistols. "

Laser guided, my butt. He wants guns with the little laser on the front pointing to where the bullet will go over short distances. You've seen them in the movies. People with even the most modest of shooting skills don't want or need them.

But I'm back to one of my original question. Don't they carry the M-9, already? If not, who took the standard issue sidearm away from them? I doubt it was the Iraqis.

Where in the heck have you been hiding? A precision guiding hand gun is secured to a precision guided Bomb!! Got it??
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