Thursday, June 23, 2005


Lisl Auman Update

I wrote a long post about Lisl Auman, a local cause celebre for the supposed injustice of her receiving life imprisonment when she didn't pull the trigger, on June 1, 2005 (hit archive June and scroll down if you're interested). She received from the Supreme Court a do-over for the plea bargain that should have been reached before her first conviction. She tried for bail this past week and the Judge (a new one I don't know at all) denied bail, in part, because of the strength of the Prosecution's case. Earth to Public Defenders--take the deal. No one wants a young woman in prison for the rest of her life because her choice of partner in crime, skinhead wannabe Matthaus Jaehnig, was a bad choice and because, at the critical moment, she couldn't bring herself to withdraw from the criminal actions and warn the real victim here, Police Officer Bruce VanderJagt, that if he went around that corner, Jaehnig would shoot him. The Prosecution still has the tape of you lying in a totally off-putting way, Ms. Auman. Take the deal!

I always wonder how many different agendas are present when a case goes to trial. It would be an interesting question to ask everyone involved if they would in turn answer honestly. I'm sure that it never happens that Public Defenders may have additional agendas not always in the best interest of their clients. This is assuming that Lisl is not telling her lawyers no deal.
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