Friday, May 11, 2012


Been There, Done That, Got the T Shirt

Faithful readers of this blog, all one of you, know how much I hate (yes, I'm using that word) Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. I hate him as much as my ex-wife admires him. He might have been OK early on as a revolutionary thinker, before he obtained hand guns, but after the tragedy of the revolution in Cuba in 1959, he became, as is typical on the left, a political murderer. I believe he took sexual pleasure from shooting people in the head, which he did dozens of times before his farcical campaign in Bolivia in 1967, where he was captured and executed. There is no doubt he was after 1959 a quintessential lefty totalitarian.

Anyone who wears a t shirt with his iconic Commie Revolutionary photo on it is an idiot. (Wearing a t shirt with a photo of Che wearing a t shirt with Che on it is OK as dadaist commentary). But the misguided worship of Che seemed for a while to have abated and I felt better. So this photo comes as a bit of a shock, just as I was beginning to warm up to John Lennon, too.

Don't believe me on the murder stuff? Look here for a first step on the road to truth. Here is a second step.


Stupid, that photo is a fake! Your Nation killed millons of people, Guevara only killed a few rats.
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