Saturday, September 05, 2009


David Sirota--Democrats Discontent

Far lefty columnist David Sirota has an always-on-the-edge-of-whining piece today in the Denver Post. Here's a taste:
As we now see, union dues underwrote Democratic lawmakers who today block serious labor law reform and ignore past promises to fix NAFTA. Green groups' resources elected a government that pretends sham "cap and trade" bills represent environmental progress. Health care groups, promising to push a single- payer system, got a president not only dropping his own single-payer promises, but also backing off a "public option" to compete with private insurance. And antiwar funding delivered a Congress that refuses to stop financing the Iraq mess, and an administration preparing to escalate the Afghanistan conflict.
The Democrats have built up over the past two elections a 78 vote majority in the House (with one vacancy to fill), and, had Ted Kennedy not vainly held onto his office unto death, so that the very law he championed now leaves his Senate seat vacant for 5 months, the Democrats would have a filibuster proof 60 vote block in the Senate. The election in Massachusetts will certainly restore the 60 votes. President Obama beat the centrist Republican John McCain fairly soundly (although it was not the complete landslide of Johnson, or Reagan's and Nixon's re-election).

No executive action, of course, nor any vote in the House or, soon, in the Senate needs a single helpful Republican to pass.

Thus, if things aren't going the Democrats' way, there is only one party really to blame.

Yeah, poor Democrats, they can't get anything they really want.

Thank God.


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