Thursday, April 02, 2009


Report on the American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

According to Department of Defense releases for the month of March: All is pretty quiet in Iraq, with only 8 war dead, only four of which were combat related (indeed one was a lost at sea in the Gulf of Aden, not all that close to Iraq). Iraq seems to be a safer place than Washington, DC. In Afghanistan, by contrast, almost all the 13 war dead were the result of combat. Things in Afghanistan still seem to be going the way of the middle period of Iraq, when by far the most of our heroes were killed by IEDs.

Here is further breakdown. In Iraq, two were killed by IEDs (much less than last month), one died from small arms fire, and one was killed in a mortar attack. None died in accidents, none died in combat operations; but three died from non combat causes and one was man overboard.

In Afghanistan, six died from IEDs (which continues to be a telling statistic), three from combat operations, one from indirect fire, and two from friendly or false flag fire. Almost all were deaths in combat, with one killed from a non combat cause and one from a non hostile incident. That's telling too. The total in Afghanistan is 13, and the total last month for the wars being waged against us is 21, less than one per day.
Three officers were killed: Lt. Florence Choe, 35, of El Cajon, CA, a woman naval officer killed when men in Afghan uniforms opened fire, along with Lt. jg Francis L. Toner IV, 26, of Narragansett, RI. Ist Lt. Daniel Hyde, 23, of Modesto, CA, died from an IED in Iraq. Two other women died: Jessica Sarandrea, 22, of Miami, FL, killed by a mortar in Iraq and Simone Robinson, 21, of Dixmoor, IL, killed by an IED in Afghanistan.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of these fallen warriors, and all our hopes for their continued success goes to our men and women, mainly men, fighting overseas.


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