Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This Day in the History of Evil Being Destroyed

On this day in 1519, Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico with around 600 troops and 20 horses. Yet he took on and defeated one of the most powerful, and evil, nations in the New World, with a population of well over a million. The Aztecs practiced cannibalism on a near industrial scale. Cortez was, as he saw himself, the righteous wrath of God, who did much more good than bad in destroying the Aztec Empire while conquering Mexico.



Monday evening, Karen and I caught a Colbert Report from last week in which Stephen Colbert interviewed Ingrid NewKirk, co founder of PETA.

Apparently, following her death, Ms. Newkirk wishes her friends to disjoint and then barbeque her to bring to light the wrongness of cooking and eating animals. From her looks, I think Ms. Newkirk would need to be subjected to one of Alton Brown's brines and I would not embark to grill her by means other than a caja china.

This prompted a discussion on cannibalism which I pointed out to my oldest was taboo, at least in this culture, except for extraordinary cases subject to the doctrine of necessity: see the wreck of the Essex and "Alive."

Karen then took the position that there is only one true taboo which is parental incest.

Whereas I think cannibalism is evil, it has been practiced by any number of cultures which is not to say that the Aztecs weren't evil.

On a related--TFN related--subject, I read in the RMN this morning that Robert Irvine of "Dinner Impossible," a show that particularly interested Catherine, was discovered to have embellished his resume. Apparently, he never cooked for the Royals--the long pig or anything else--and TFN will not renew his contract making him the George O'Leary of chefs.


I hated Irvine and his stupid show. Except for the attractive girls, from time to time, the only person I like on that channel is Alton Brown.

Eating a dead human because that's all there is and you'll die if you don't is a sad necessity. Killing someone in order to eat him or her is a special class of murder and about as evil as you can get, particularly if there is other food available (like dog, turkey, corn and beans).

I'll pass on Newkirk barbecue just in case ideas can be transmitted through the flesh.

From my time in the DAs office, I'll have to say that father/daughter incest taboo gets broken all the time (Euchh!) where we never had a cannibal case. Never had a mother/son incest case either, as far as I know, although we probably ought to consult with the Adams county DA to make sure.

I remnain a fan of Iron Chef America and Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay.

Re incest, our discussion included the Egyptian Pharoahs marrying their sisiters but Karen pointed out that this was a union between gods and therefore permissible.

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