Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Here Comes the Sun, And I Say...Again

After further study, it turns out that you can tell, from the spot's location on the sun and from the polarity of the sunspot's magnetism, whether the sunspot at the beginning of the new cycle (we just started a new cycle, called #24) is indeed part of the new cycle or is a left-over of the old one. The sunspot on January 4, 2008 was called the first new one of the cycle #24. Since then it's been nothing but cycle #23 remnants and this week, so far, the sun is clear, as it has been for what scientists tell us is too long a time. The observed flux density numbers from the Canadian radio telescope is low as well, 68.2. (The lowest it gets is 64).

The sun is very quiet indeed and the longer that goes on the cooler it may get here on Earth. Because what really matters to the weather here is the sun's radiance and magnetism, not the mix of tiny relative amounts of trace gases in our 99% nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. They don't matter at all, it seems. Time will tell.


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