Friday, November 02, 2007


Crazy Mini-Gun

After 15 seconds, you've seen it all, but it's an amazing 15 seconds. I believe only one in five is a tracer round so the real volume of fire is only partially visible. Still, it looks like water from a hose thanks to the persistance of vision. We Americans love this sort of overwhelming firepower. Looks like...victory.

Damn good thing the jihadis don't have 'em.
Looks like...victory

Unfortunately it is only death and destruction which is a 'return to the idealized past', something you excel in.
They at best have Russian arms; nothing like this. Good point, Eric.
Mike,I'm pretty sure you recognize my oblique paraphrase of Col. Kilgore (Duval) in Apocalypse Now which would make it an ironic comment. Still, for being only death and destruction, the GE minigun is still pretty cool.
Smells like victory. O.K. got it. Thanks.
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