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Spewing the Bile of Groundless Charges of Racism

Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera huge angry fight

I don't watch either of these guys regularly, and this is the sort of television journalism that appeals mainly to Springer fans. What was of interest to me was the review the Youtube clip got from local newspaper woman and TV critic, Joanne Ostrow, who writes for the left leaning Denver Post, and her defense of her groundless smear when called on it. Here's part of what she wrote.

When a girl (sic) was killed by a drunk driver in Virginia, a driver who happened to be an undocumented immigrant, O'Reilly seized the moment to turn the issue into a tirade against illegal aliens. O'Reilly spewed racist bile... (Emphasis added).

Actually it was two young women killed by the drunk driver who was an illegal alien; way to be accurate about the background, Joanne.

O'Reilly's producer tried to get Ms. Ostrow to identify what in the clip was "racist bile" and she bravely refused to support her charges; so, utilizing a page out of the 60 Minutes' playbook, he asked her the question in front of a camera as she came from work to her car.

Here is a left leaning account of the interview, but even it identifies the only thing Ostrow identified as O'Reilly's "racist bile": He continued his 60 minutes style badgering demanding to know why she would accuse BOR of such a thing. Ostrow calmly told him it was because he used "illegal alien" instead of "undocumented immigrant." (Emphasis added).

That's it?

That's not racist. That's refusing to use an obfuscating euphemism. "Illegal alien" is an accurate legal description which has absolutely nothing to do with race. A Swede who overstays his or her travel visa is an illegal alien. The phrase is as racist as calling someone who has been convicted of a felony, a felon. She must have been desperate to support her meritless and indeed false charge. There is absolutely nothing in the Youtube clip that could ever be called racist accurately.

False accuser and hypocrite, it turns out. It is also interesting to note that Ostrow has used the terms "illegal immigration" and "illegal alien" herself in her writing. It would be great if I could link to it, but the Post charges nearly $3 to bring up items from its archive and I'll pass on that expense. Do your own search, if you doubt me.

The left charges racism at the drop of a hat (if the speaker is white) and even when it's shown that there is absolutely no basis to that slander, other lefties come to the false accuser's defense and repeat the baseless, libelous charge. All in the name of promoting free speech and diversity of opinion, of course.

(h/t Mike Rosen)

Re illegal aliens, See Men in Black and MIB II.
Or Lt. Ripley in Alien (1 through 4).
"The left charges racism at the drop of a hat (if the speaker is white)"

And of course for the right to charge racism a white guy would have to kill Medgar Evers. No, they'd probably just call it offensive or in bad taste.
No, we just prefer not to dilute the reality of racism with incidents that don't deserve the term or the attention. When real racism occurs, it deserves to be opposed; when "illegal immigrant" is considered by some to be a racist term, it deserves to be mocked.
Well said, David. Thanks for the backup. peter b is actually being critical of Olbermann, which I take as a good sign.
You're right. My apologies--I plead a severe lack of sleep (and poor reading comprehension) over the last week.

Thanks for putting me right.
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